Rehoming of Great Danes

Grand Danois Klubben i Danmark

Specialklub for den danske hund under Dansk Kennel Klub

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Rehoming of Great Danes


4th January 2014 the Great Dane Club initiated a service to assist in rehoming Great Danes with a pedigree from the Dansk Kennel Klub. The Great Dane Club act as an intermediary between current owners and future owners and both parties can advertise their circumstances on the website of the Great Dane Club; whether you have a Great Dane in need of a new home, or a wish to acquire a Great Dane from an existing home. The service is open to members as well as non-members as long as the Great Dane has a pedigree.


In Denmark, it is customary for the breeder to be involved if the need for rehoming arises.


The Great Dane Club strongly encourage full disclosure by all parties as honesty and integrity will always be the main driving factors in all successful rehoming cases.


Furthermore, the Great Dane Club recommend to breeders, current owners and future owners that no rehoming is effectuated on animals showing signs of fear and aggression as this would constitute an irresponsible rehoming.The Great Dane Club wishes to encourage the usage of the nationwide corps of veterinarians with specialized skills in animal behaviour (ethology).


The Great Dane Club will be happy to guide English-speaking users of our rehoming service towards the appropriate veterinarian in your area.


There is a small fee applicable for using the service.


For further information, please contact:


Mrs. Brigitte Thilemann

Vestervej 8

4050 Skibby

Tel: + 45 2164 7443